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About | Kanyezi African Safari Website

Kanyezi Safari is a business relationship that originated through our contacts in Silicon Valley around 2003.

Kanyezi Safari, a south African safari group, needed a website and hosting solution that delivered their online content in a consistent and reliable nature. It was costing them thousands of dollars daily when their previous provider could not deliver on their promise of providing a reliable and complete online service.

Since 2003, there have been many iterations of the website each adapting and evolving to the newest and latest technologies available. As users have migrated to mobile technology more and more throughout the years, we have also responded with evolving the website and changing it to be faster and more compact.

Today is a website that is responsive to any platform it is viewed on. The response has been huge and customers are very happy as traffic has increased and business is up. Multiple forms, located throughout the website, encourage customers to communicate and find out more information. Colorful graphics and captivating pictures enhance the viewing experience and help future customers envision themselves being on an African safari through Kruger National Park.

Our commitment to our customers’ cause has no bounds. We make every effort to provide our clients the highest level of service – even at the sacrifice of sleep. To make sure we keep that proverbial digital net out and ready to capture any safari fish out there, we respond and troubleshoot their website and email 24/7. We communicate with them, even when on safari in the middle of Africa with an 11 hour time difference, all in the spirit of great customer service.