Video Production has taken on a life of its own…

…much like desktop publishing did years ago at the dawn of the “Digital Revolution”.

The greatest similarity being, that while anyone can throw a sack full of fonts and all of their favorite colors into a ‘design’, few people actually have the skills or experience to consistently do effective and quality work.

At Advantage Advertising/Digital Barn, we have the experience and skills to make effective video and photographic marketing a reality. Using industry standard software and 4K Ultra High Definition cameras and drones, we’re helping clients achieve their vision from the ground up! That’s what we do, and we’ve been doing it for over 30 years. With the combined talents of great script writing, graphic design, animation, and of course editing and shooting skills, we’ll tell the story that will bring customers asking for your services or product.

Let us help you with your story or message. We use all the latest technology to deliver a professionally executed message that will stand out to your audience, whether it’s a traditional television or radio commercial or digital video that will specifically target the audience you desire on-line.

Effective and quality production is always our goal, so let us help you bring your vision to fruition today. We promise not to throw a sack full of fonts on the screen… That is, unless you just happen to be selling sacks full of fonts…..

Broadcast Video

Aerial Video