Case Studies


Launched in 2016, V2V Management Solutions, needed their online presence to be unique and bold. They accomplished this with the use of an organic palette consisting of greens and purples.

The newness of the company also dictated that they needed to identify the founders, since many of the V2V founders were known to work independently. They accomplished this by using their mug shots as part of the header. It served its purpose, but a change was needed.

Old Homepage

Main Landing

Overall, refreshed the home page with a shorter header and new taller rotating “slider”.  Removed awkward mug shot imagery at the top of the page and featured contact details prominently. Tightened landing page copy, over all, with focus on specific value propositions posed in ways that encourage site visitor engagement, via email or phone. Increased the usable area above-the-fold by using the horizontal version of the V2V logo. The height was added to the slider for a more impactive area for announcements and information.

Current Homepage

Secondary Navigation

Created alignment and uniformity in site architecture, with drop down menus for the “What we do” and “How we work” sections, updated (mostly) the “Where we are” section and we’ve added a new section, entitled “What we say.”


Created a new section to showcase organization founders as industry thought leaders, via blogs, newsletter and news media coverage.